Fast Simon


As a UX design consultant for Fast SImon I worked with the company’s team of developers to improve the design and experience of the platform they offer for Shopify customers. I focused on all aspects of the product, from design to usability and functionality.


Fast Simon brings integrated AI conversion optimization to automate manual work and replace expensive, complicated, long implementations by point vendors.

Date: 2019
Platform: Desktop and mobile
Site URL:

Site owner: Fast SImon
Role: UX / UI design – UI developer


Phase 1: Design analysis
In a joint work with the company’s developers, a thorough design analysis of the entire user interface of the platform was carried out. The analysis included colors, iconography, typography and other visual elements.

Phase 2: Research analysis
With the developers, we researched the interface design of other platforms, regardless of the industry, to establish aesthetic criteria that would be applied to the InstantSearch+ platform.

Phase 4: Design
The final design unifies the use of typography, colors, icons and other visual elements.
At this stage I also provided front-end advice on the development of the modules.

A good Style Guide will consolidate the front-end code while comprehensively documenting the visual language, such as color palettes and fonts.

Most of the work I have done for Fast Simon is not disclosed due to a non-disclosure agreement.